Dock Diving

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At his first event the people running the event warned everyone that dogs new to the sport don't jump off the dock the first few times, it's rather overwhelming for them and they need to learn that it's okay to do it.

True to form, this was not the case with Tito. He saw a toy fly through the air, it triggered his prey instinct, and he sailed over 15 feet off the end of the dock without giving it a second thought.

And ever since...he has just loved this sport. He is beauty in motion when he's flying through the air off the end of the dock! He has earned his UKC "junior jumper" title for 5 jumps of 10-15 feet length in qualifying events, and is working on his "senior jumper" title with 3 jumps of over 16 feet in length and a personal best of 17-1/2 feet. But he just jumps for the sheer joy of it!


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