Health Clearances & Pedigree

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Tito's Pedigree can be found at


Health Clearances:

CHIC #60081

Hips: OFA GR-98534G27M-VPI (GOOD)

Elbows: OFA GR-EL20266M27VPI (NORMAL)

Cardiac: OFA GR-CA16314/26M/C-VPI (NORMAL - (cardiologist))

CERF eyes: CERF GR-42762 November 2017 (NORMAL)

Eyes also examined by ultrasound September 2015, clear.


prcd-PRA status: Clear by DNA test, Optigen Accession #10-9970

PRA-1 status:  Clear by DNA test, Optigen Accession #12-7638

Ichthyosis status:  Carrier by DNA test, Optigen Accession #12-7638

****Due to Tito's being a carrier of Ichthyosis he will only be bred to bitches who have tested clear or who are clear by parentage and can provide proof that both parents tested clear****


Health clearances can be verified online at


Tito's sperm count and motility have been verified by veterinary laboratory examinations.


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