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On August 30th, 2014 Tito became the first Golden Retriever ever to earn the AKC MASTER HUNTER UPLAND title" He was owner trained and handled to the title.

Read more about Tito's AKC Master Hunter Upland title here

We have always felt that Tito is extremely "birdy" and has a lot of field instinct, so when he finished his conformation titles we made the decision to have a professional hunting trainer evaluate him.

During a thorough two hour evaluation the trainer was astounded by Tito's instinct, abilities, drive, and intelligence. We have had the pleasure of working with this trainer for a while now, and he continually comments on how impressed he is with Team Tito. Although I began the weekly training sessions with a modest goal of a junior hunter title for Tito, our trainer has said that anything less than a Master Hunter title on this dog would be selling him short.


Some things his field trainer has said about him:

"Massive prey drive. Incredible bird instinct."

"This dog is DRIVEN when it comes to birds. He's really got it in him. You just can't teach this, either it's there or it isn't."

"The best natural hold I've seen in a long time. Fantastic mouth."

"This dog just deserves to hunt full time. It's clearly what he was born to do."

"BREED HIM!!!" (When a hunting trainer is telling you to breed a show champion, you know you've really got something special!)


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